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Buy Better Globe donation packages

The Better Globe donation package is the product which makes us unique in the world. By purchasing a Better Globe donation package, you help reduce the threat of climate change, reduce poverty in Africa, create jobs, give children the opportunity to attend school and drink clean water, while you earn money from it!
Buy Better Globe donation packages

The Better Globe donation package is market-driven charity at its best. The donation package is tailored to solve a number of the challenges we in Better Globe encounter daily in our work in Africa.

Since the problems of poverty, lack of education, and climate destruction are so great, we need the help of thousands of people who want to contribute. By helping each other, we can make a real difference for the people who need it most — while you can earn money. It is help to self-help at its best!

It’s easy to contribute to Better Globe, and it makes a huge difference to the people in Africa. It is also profitable in several other respects. It is profitable for the environment and thus for our planet. It is profitable for self-esteem to help those who are less privileged. Furthermore, it is economically profitable for those who choose to contribute to Better Globe.

The Better Globe donation package consists of the following:

Two trees which are donated

Two trees that are donated

Two trees are donated to poor farmers who live near our plantations or to one of the many organizations that deal with goals that are similar to ours.
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500 liters of water

500 liters of water

Every donation package contains 500 liters (130 gallons) of water, which is given away to the farmers who live in the vicinity of the plantations. The water is used for human consumption as well as small-scale farming.
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1.50 Euros for school activities

€ 1.50 for school activities

€ 1.50 will be donated to a special fund used to build new schools and renovate existing ones near the plantations. Indirectly, families around the plantations will have the opportunity to let their children attend school and receive an education.
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1.50 Euros to microcredit operations

€ 1.50 to microcredit operations

€ 1.50 from each donation package is earmarked for microcredit and microfinance. By educating and giving the farmers the opportunity to obtain microloans, they are able to support themselves and their families.
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Two Better Globe trees

Two Better Globe trees to you for a return

Two trees that you own are planted in a Better Globe plantation. These trees will give you a return over the course of 20 years starting from the fifth year.
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The price of a donation package that contains all of the above is only 53 euros. Other benefits include the following:

  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so they reduce the threat of climate change.
  • With the purchase of one package per month, you and your family or business can become carbon neutral.
  • Tree roots bind the soil, preventing soil erosion, which, in turn, reduces desertification.

Sign up for a donation package subscription

Donation packages create a lasting change for a sustainable commitment. It is one of the main pillars of our business. That’s why we work so hard to create situations that are win-win for all parties—for the people in Africa, for you as our customer, for our environment, and for us as an organization.

By subscribing to our donation package each month, you will help create the long-term commitment needed to make a permanent change. Any donation package that you purchase is a huge advantage, with you receiving 24 trees each year that will give you a return that far exceeds the price you pay for the package itself.

In addition to the 24 trees that you maintain and receive a return from, another 24 trees are given away to people in connection with our plantations. Regardless of who provides the trees or where they are planted, they have one thing in common — they absorb carbon dioxide from the air. 48 trees absorb approximately 30 tons of carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere.

Emissions of an average family is equivalent to 22–24 tons per year. In addition to your purchase, you can also become carbon neutral.

Buy Better Globe donation package We recommend that all of our customers subscribe to our donation package, for we know that a great long-term commitment will make all the difference. 

You may cancel your commitment at any time and purchase may be returned within 14 days for a full refund in accordance with applicable law.

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