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Join our Summer Trip to Africa
Published: March 12 2015 | Last updated: March 07 2015 | Share with others
Article written by: Rino Solberg | Edited by: Jan-Tore Øvrevik
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Better Globe's Summer Trip to Africa is approaching

We believe our upcoming trip to both Uganda and Kenya will be the most exciting one yet. Our trees in Kenya are larger than ever, many families are involved in our microfinance bank, our system with contract farmers has started and Child Africa has evolved tremendously in Uganda since the last trip we arranged in 2013. Though we have a busy program this year, we will also set aside time for safari, swimming and other activities. We will have an unforgettable trip to look forward to.

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Some Practical Information:

You pay a deposit of 1,000 Euros per person for enrollment, which can be paid to our account:

Better Globe AS
IBAN: NO2560280447733

The total price for the entire trip for one person is 3,600 Euros. This covers the journey from the main airport in Scandinavia to Africa, two flights in Africa, all transportation in Uganda and Kenya, lodging and all meals in both countries. The remaining balance after the deposit is paid is 2,600 Euros, due on June 1.

We have a limited number of seats available and Ambassadors with spouses/partners are prioritized, although it is also open for other customers. We will notify you as soon as your trip is booked and confirmed. If you pay a deposit and we no longer have any spots left, we will refund your deposit immediately. You may contact our support beforehand, to see if there are still seats left, before sending your deposit.

The only things NOT covered are $100 for Visa to Kenya and Uganda, and $120 – 180 for two days admission at Tsavo Safari Park in Kenya. We advise everyone to bring $280 in USD, since these payments must be paid by cash and not by card. You may also use local ATM's at the airport or in bigger cities in Uganda/Kenya to get US Dollars, if you forget to bring money from home.

Make sure to get proper travel vaccines and medicines before you travel to Uganda and Kenya. Some vaccines needs to be taken three months before visiting those countries. The most common diseases are Hepatitis A, Malaria, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever. Please check with your local vaccine office and they will assist you.

Mostly the temperature is warm, but in Kabale, Uganda, it can be a bit cold at night. You may need a sweater or a light jacket. We may participate in special events, so please bring a set of nice clothes.

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The itinerary is as follows:


August 4 Early flight from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, where we all gather together in Brussels before catching another flight, which will arrive in Nairobi, Kenya, at night. From there, we will take a bus to our hotel. If anyone wants to join from other countries other than Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, you will need to locate and order your own flight to Kenya and back again from Uganda. Please notify us immediately if you plan to go!
August 5 We will get up early in the morning to visit Better Globe Forestry's plantation at Lake Kiambere. During the tour, you will see trees on the nursery, planted back in 2007 to this present day. We will eat lunch at our plantation and visit one of our contract farmers. After the visit, we will drive towards Sosoma.
August 6 Mboti Primary SchoolWe start the day by visiting Mboti Primary School, a school that Better Globe (in cooperation with Child Africa) has completely renovated and installed water collection tanks. Children from the school will sing and dance for us. We will also visit our village bank for microfinancing in Nguni and one of our contract farmers. Then we return to Nairobi.
August 7 We visit Better Globe Forestry's office in Nairobi, where we get to meet the staff. Then we eat lunch at the famous wild restaurant Carnivore.
August 8 The day starts with a bus ride to Kibwesi farm. After our visit there, we go to Tsavo East National Park, where we will be staying at Kilaguni lodge.
August 9 Safari tour, Lion Rock breakfast, and a relaxing swimming day in Kilaguni.
August 10 Champagne breakfast in Kilaguni, then bus ride to Malindi and Coral Key Hotel.
August 11 We pay a visit to the Nyongoro plantation, north of Malindi.
August 12 This day you are free to do whatever you want. You can enjoy the Kenyan life by the Indian Ocean, eat good food, enjoy the beach or pool at the hotel, go shopping in Malindi etc.
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August 13 We will take a flight to Nairobi, have lunch at the airport, and from there take a plane to Uganda. In Uganda, we will be picked up by bus and driven to the Equator, where we stay overnight near the Child Africa school.
August 14 We will be visiting the Child Africa Equator school for a memorable experience. After lunch, we go on to the town Kabale, where we check in at the White Horse Inn.
August 15 We visit a new Child Africa school and children will entertain us.
August 16 Time for having a relaxing day at Lake Bunyony, with boat ride and lunch.
August 17 We will do home visits with some of the kids at school, on the outskirts of Kabale.
August 18 The bus goes back to Kampala, where we will visit Child Africa's head office. Then we eat dinner at a great restaurant in Kampala.
August 19 On our last day, we will visit the city Jinja, where we will see how the river Nile starts its long journey to the Mediterranean. After this, it will be time to head back home again. We take a night-flight from Uganda and arrive Brussels in the morning of August 20. From there, we take an onward flight back to Norway/Sweden/Denmark.
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