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Great News for 2017!
Published: January 16 2017 | Last updated: January 12 2017 | Share with others
Article written by: Jan-Tore Øvrevik | Edited by: Jan-Tore Øvrevik
Better Globe Newsletter
20 bonus trees

After celebrating our 10-year anniversary in 2016, we are extremely pleased by our results: From 2014 to 2015, we had an increase of tree sales by about 70 percent and it was an all time high. We beat the record in 2016 by a 57.5 percent increase of tree sales compared to 2015. Happiest are the people in Kenya and Uganda who have been lucky enough to be part of our program and who are now slowly but steadily improving their standard of living because of your contributions. You can read more about it in one of our latest articles at Better Globe Media: A Hectic Time for our Workers During Rainy Season.

As the image above states, we will continue this year with our promotion by giving 20 bonus trees to our loyal customers, who are among the biggest contributors of societal growth in the harsh areas of Kenya. We will not even call it a promotion any longer, but give the bonus trees as a courtesy for your dedication to Better Globe. Anyone who on average purchases one donation package and 10 trees per month for present year receives 20 bonus trees. These products cannot be part of other promotional offers or bonuses.

We have created a side banner for you when you login, where you can keep track of how many donation packages and trees that remain until you receive 20 bonus trees. 20 bonus trees equals 4,165 Euros that Better Globe Forestry will pay you from years 5-20, in addition to 29,988 Euros you receive for buying 12 donation packages and 120 trees. You can configure auto purchase on trees and donation packages when you login to our pages. You can also contact our support to help you, if you have any questions or need any help.

We hope as many of our customers as possible start following this program, since our donations are the most thriving and critical to our work. If you are one of those who cares about your carbon footprint, this program neutralizes your whole family's carbon emissions and you receive our special annual donation certificate and carbon neutral certificate.

News & Press

We mentioned earlier that all news from our work in Eastern Africa and other relevant information are no longer published here, but at To keep updated with our news and posts, please visit Better Globe Media's website, sign up for blog news and follow us on our social media. Remember that your interest in what we do reflects how much work we will put into keeping you up-to-date.

Recently at Better Globe Media, we have published some interesting blog articles about the complete planting process of mukau trees, created new pages for testimonials and awards, and most recently a News & Press page where you can find external articles about us. If you have any press releases you know about that you cannot find on our page, please send us a note.

With that, we wish you a prosperous 2017!

Jan-Tore ØvrevikMake it a Better Globe Day!

Jan-Tore Øvrevik
Director of Development
Better Globe