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Better Globe

Charity with Interest

"A Sustainable Charity Based on
Profitable Business Ventures"

All over the world, when charity is mentioned, people ask these questions:

  • Does the money I give reach the poor people?
  • How much is being used for administration cost?
  • How can I track my donation/contribution?
  • Won’t the money be eaten up by corruption?
  • Isn’t it just a waste of money?

How can we make a difference?

Poor Children looking at a Better Globe donation brochure

People have many reasons to ask these questions. It is a fact that even in most of the big and well known charities today, most of the money doesn’t get to the cause.

The reason for this is because all big and well meaning charity organizations must spend most of the money towards administrative costs in order for anything to reach the end user. Every organization has to hire qualified people, where many of them have to travel a lot and the salary is often high. All these expenditures have to be deducted from what is donated to the organization.

In addition to this, corruption works like a cancer from within and most of the money is lost in more than one way in needy countries. Having said that, charity workers are normally not business minded having sustainability in what they do, even though they like to think so.

To prove this, let us ask two simple questions;

  • What if all donors stop giving money to a charity today?
  • What will happen to that organization tomorrow?

The answer is;

  • It will go bankrupt or have to shut down.

The reason being;

  • There is no sustainability in any charity organization, since it’s solely based on donors funding.

If charity was based on profitable and sustainable business ventures, which could give back profit to the donors as a sort of return on investment (ROI), the charity itself would quickly become sustainable. This has proven to be the case in some microfinance banking, where it is well known for success rates of more than 97 percent.

NEW: Better Globe has created another holistic way which we have called;

A sustainable charity based on
profitable business ventures
No other concepts do so much good for so little. In addition;
Earns you 7.5 times more money than what you contributed!
You don’t lose any money, instead will get good profit on any support you give. This way you can afford to help fight poverty in Africa and save the environment the rest of your life.
Happy children from Child Africa

By purchasing donation packages in Better Globe you can do good things such as:

  • Help fight global warming and save the environment through tree planting.
  • Provide work opportunities to poor people in the plantations.
  • Provide much needed water to poor farmers in dry areas.
  • Help poor farmers sustain their living through microfinance.
  • Provide education to poor children.

Trees for you in each donation packageThis is how it works:

You buy a Better Globe donation package at 53 Euros on a monthly basis which includes:

  • 2 donation trees, which you donate to poor people/communities through Better Globe.
  • 500 liter (130 gallons) water, delivered directly to poor farmers through Better Globe.
  • 1.50 Euros is given directly to Child Africa for school building and education for children.
  • 1.50 Euros is given directly to microfinance for poor farmers.
  • 2 Better Globe trees, which you will receive profit from (7.5 times more money than what you contributed is paid back to you over a 20 year period).

Note! Better Globe documents all donations so you can see for yourself what has been done.

Donations - the best saving program in the world?

For starters you purchase one donation package in Better Globe each month for a whole year. This will be the breakdown of profit you receive from this (2013 prices):

Profit from the 12 donation packages = 4,998 Euros
- Cost for 12 donation packages =    636 Euros
Net profit from the 12 donation packages = 4,362 Euros

The profit will be paid according to this:

From year 5-19: 61 Euros each year
In year 20: 4,080 Euros
Think about the possibilities of what could happen if you buy several Better Globe donation packages each month? We call it;
Doing Good and Making Money

We believe this is the best way to give sustainable help to Africa in the long run, by basing all help upon sustainable and transparent development of business. This will also give great help for the big numbers of poor farmers in the African continent and will eventually eradicate poverty for all the farmers we are able to reach out to.

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