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Better Globe News from Philippines
Published: October 22 2012 | Last updated: October 22 2012 | Share with others
Article written by: Rino Solberg | Edited by: Safeena Øvrevik
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Better Globe News from Philippines

Better Globe started their business silently in the Philippines in order to test other types of sales methods for trees as well as donation packages, and to build Internet marketing through Our company in the Philippines has so far been responsible for paying sales commissions to our Ambassadors in the period 2011 and 2012.

The Philippines has a population of over 100 million people, approximately 20 percent of whom are relatively affluent. The market for Better Globe products is big here. We are in a stage of testing several markets with different forms of sale methods, and have so far not wanted to run sales through Ambassadors in the Philippines. However, we believe what we learn in this market may provide future advantages for our Ambassadors.


We have hired the famous singer / dancer / model / TV celebrity in the Philippines as Managing Director of the Philippine company Better Globe Marketing Inc. Her showbiz name is Mystica. She has posted about 3,000 videos on YouTube, several of which relate to Better Globe. She visited our plantations in Kenya and is very dedicated to Better Globe's work. She also runs Mystica Charity Foundation, working to distribute food to street children in the Manila area.


Dr. Ponciano F. AberinDr. Ponciano F. Aberin, Manila, Philippines
M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Pons is the former vice president of the Medical Association of the Philippines, former chairman of the University of the Philippines Alumni group, and chairman of the Association Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Dr. Pons has for many years worked for The Ministry of Health and also with environmental issues. He is now Director of Environment of Better Globe in the Philippines and is the one who fronts our work against the government and the university.

Dr. Rodolfo John Ortiz TeopeDr. Rodolfo John Ortiz Teope, Manila, Philippines

Dr. John has his own weekly TV show with millions of viewers in the Philippines. His show is also broadcast over the Internet to the world.

Among others, Dr. John invited our chairman Rino Solberg to his television show to interview him about Better Globe's work (see the four videos below). That same week he interviewed Professor Stefaan Werbrouck from Ghent University regarding the cloning of trees and the work they have done for Better Globe.

You can find Dr. John's 40-minute interview with Rino, split into these four different videos:

Better Globe will continue to collaborate with Dr. John on Internet Marketing in the Philippines.

Rino Solberg, Chairman of Better Globe GroupRino and Professor Stefaan were also participants and interviewed on another national television show in the Philippines, called JoJo A all the Way (something similar to David Letterman in the U.S.).

JoJo A is also a very famous singer in the Philippines and has composed a song about trees and the environment, which Better Globe can use as needed. Our work in the Philippines is therefore part of our international marketing efforts, which we hope and believe can help our international branding of Better Globe.


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