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Money Grows on Better Globe Trees

Increase Your Savings - Buy Trees

Why Buy Better Globe Trees? Future Profit

Financial freedom gives you the flexibility to pursue your dreams, enjoy your family and free time, or enjoy your retirement. Financial freedom doesn't simply mean being out of debt. It means being comfortable with your income and financial future, knowing how to live within your means, and having enough money to accomplish your goals. As the economy gets worse, many people are left using up their savings and wondering how they can get the money back in to their accounts.

A Little at a Time Can Build Up Over 20 Years
One of the main purposes to buy trees is savings for the future with great return. Here are some examples where buying trees would become handy:

  • To get extra income in addition to the pension
  • To give support for your children's education
  • To give an extraordinary wedding gift to someone
  • To become financial independent

Let us say you are able to buy 15 trees per month for savings for one year. At a cost of 3,600 Euros you will have in 20 years 33,885 Euros in profit. By doing this every year you will have a predictable future income.

There are many advantages of buying Better Globe trees. Here are few:

  • Great profit
  • Reducing global warming
  • Being carbon neutral
  • Hindering loss of arable land
    (land that can be used for growing crops)
  • Reducing poverty in Africa
  • Hindering desertification

Money grows on Better Globe trees


Better Globe Forestry takes care of the trees you buy for 20 years from date of purchase. From the fifth to the twentieth year you get paid €2.55 profit on your Better Globe trees. The 20th year you will receive 8.5 times the retail price.

If you buy 1 tree at 20 Euros, your profit will be as follows:

€ 2.55 x 15 years € 38.25
+ € 20 x 8.5 (in year twenty) € 170
- € 20 (retail price) € 20
= Total Net Profit € 188.25

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To give you some idea of what kind of profit you will receive by buying more trees,

Product Purchase Cost Total Net Profit
10 trees      € 200      € 1,882.50
50 trees      € 1,000      € 9,412.50
100 trees      € 2,000      € 18,825.00
1,000 trees      € 20,000      € 188,250.00

Better Globe trees that are planted are a mix of acacia senegal (gum arabic) and mukau (tropical hardwood).

Gum Arabic
Gum arabic is used as an ingredient in Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, chewing gum, different kinds of candies, medicines, cosmetics and many other kinds of food. You can hardly find any household without this product in one way or the other. In 2014 the price of grade 1 gum arabic was between US$ 1.50 – 3.00.

The mukau tree gives us high quality timber. The tree is medium sized, up to 20 meters tall, with a straight trunk. Mukau is a tree in the mahogany family that can be used outdoor and is usable in furniture, parquet, doors, window frames etc. Compared to African and American mahogany and teak trees, mukau is the only species growing in really semi-arid areas, so it does not compete with food crops. Mukau is heavier and harder than all African mahogany and most American mahogany, but not as heavy as teak.

Sustainably grown tropical hardwoods have excellent market prospects as timber supply from rainforests will decrease due to overexploitation, political pressure (global warming) and increasing remoteness.

Price (kiln dried timber) in 2014 was FOB 660 Euros/m3 (FOB - Free On Board)

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